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This guide will take you through everything you need to know, which items you need to take, and what the recommended levels are before starting.

Keep in mind that while we will suggest recommended levels, if you have levels higher than that, General Graardor can still be a great way to get profitable drops. To get into the dungeon, you must take a rope. This is only needed for the first time that you visit it though.

Finally, we would suggest at least level 43 prayer because this gives you access to the much-needed protection prayers.

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If you are solo, even more stats are recommended. More on that below. Going against General Graardor, the Bandos boss, can be very difficult if you do it alone.

You will need a very high combat level. You will also need to have good stats in your ranged skill. General Graardor can be a nightmare to deal with on his own, but his bodyguards will use magic attacks that can shred your health down if you are wearing melee armor. You should only drink saradomin brews during pauses in fights.

Otherwise, you should stick to using the angler fish.

OSRS Bandos Guide to Defeat General Graardor

Work together to fight General Graardor and it will be far easier. To start, we would suggest you picking at least one tank and one DPS player. Pair that with an amulet of fury and a ranging cape, or max cape if you can.

Next, take the Armadyl chestplate and pair it with an Armadyl chainskirt. Take the Armadyl crossbow, along with the Elysian spirit shield. This last item is crucial, even if it is very expensive. Finally, take a good ring. An Archers ring is a good example, or if you can even a Ring of the gods i. We would also suggest that you go for some Saradomin brews. We would suggest bringing about 12, then bring 8 super restores, 5 ranged potions, a teleport tablet, diamond bolts, and the bones to peaches tablet to get food whilst in the middle of battle.

The DPS players should also take 12 saradomin brews, 8 super restores, 3 super combat potions, bones to peaches tabs, and runes to cast the high-level alchemy skill. General Graardor can drop a number of high-level items that can sell for considerably more than most boss drop items.

Players will fight General Graardor repeatedly for a chance of these items as well as a chance for the unique general graardor pet.

Whilst the drop chances state certain numbers, this just represents the chance you have to get it each time. I hope that this information has been useful.By ghjklJuly 30, in General Guides. Hello, and welcome to my first guide. This guide will show you how to duo Bandos in non lootshare worlds. This guide will not show you anything else :wall:. The rare drops are worth tons of money, up to around 15mil for each person if you get a hilt.

Also you will rarely leave the boss room without profit unless you get crashed or something has to leave early.

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Duoing also means less hassle for finding a team, and since you are in a non lootshare world, you wont get crashed as much as Bandosing in a large team. Here is what I suggest:. Most people I duo with split their drops through Bounty Hunter. Also some people will elect to share the regular drops such as snapdragons or rune armour too. Be sure to make a log of the drops if you are doing this, and find out how much each person owes.

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This is NOT against the rules. The only way this would be against the rules if there was real world money involved. The easiest ones are Goblins which are north of the rope that brings you down to the God Wars Dungeon, though you need a Zamorak item. Be sure to have a Bandos item which is the ancient mace in my setupand a Zamorak item will speed up killcount.

Strategy: Pot up, tell your partner that you are going in, and enter with piety and protect from melee on. Partner enters after you. Attack Graardor, eating when needed. After he his dead, proceed to kill the sargents. Kill the Strongstack last. Pray if they are on you. When the sargents are dead, stand on the east wall with protect from melee prayer and piety on. When Graardor spawns, attack him as soon as possible, and do not let him get on your partner.

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Continue to kill him and repeat the cycle until you are out of supplies. Then tell your partner to tele out, and click on your teletab.

Strategy: Pot up and enter with Protect from Melee prayer, and attack Graardor. Use the special attack of the Godsword if it is not a Saradomin one. Eat as necessary.

When you and your partner kill Graardor, proceed to kill the sargents, with Strongstack last. Pray accordingly if they are after you.

If you have a Saradomin Godsword this is when you use the special attack if you have less than hp above your max. When the sargents are dead, stand on the east wall with Protect from Melee prayer on. When Graardor spawns, turn on piety and attack him.

osrs duo bandos

Kill him and then proceed to kill the sargents. Repeat until you are out of supplies.Okay, let my start by saying that I do not consider myself an expert, if you have any ways to improve my guide please post them below, the more information we have the better Getting to the God Wars dungeon, For Bandos you will require 1 item from Zammorak and 1 item from Bandos, Cheap options include; Zamorak robes top or bottom Unholy Symbol Zamorak Ancient Mace Bandos Bandos Boots Bandos The best way to get to the god wars dungeon GWD is via the Trollhiem teleport spell which is unlocked after the completion of Edgars Ruse Quest, I would also recommend doing Nightmare zone for the redirection scrolls as this will save you an inventory slot when teleporting.

Okay, so first of all we will look at a SOLO trip. Requirements: 70 strength. A Hammer - Dropped by the goblins used to get kill count. Optional: A set of Guthan's armour will allow you to stay longer, if you're prepared to risk it. The God Wars dungeon is one of the most dangerous places in RuneScape. Don't take it too lightly.

Reccommended strategy: To enter the boss room, you must first kill 40 followers of Bandos. I recommend either killing Goblins or Hobgoblins to the west of the entrance. Once you have all 40 kills "Bang" the door and enter the bandos side room NOT the Boss chamber Go slightly north and stand outside of the Bandos door. Make sure your Auto relatilate is turned off, and you have your attack options set to right click. Put on Prayer, Drink your Potions, Quickly chage into your armour if needed only needed if you're wearing Zamorak robes still and enter the door.

You'll notice your kill count is drained, if you leave you can't re-enter without getting kill count or using an Ecumentical key Attack Graardor and after 2 hits walk under him, this helps prevent him from using his ranged special attack too often.

Graardor has 2 attacks: melee and range. His melee attack can hit 60 possibly moreand his range attack is strong too. The melee attack, however, is single target, where as the range attack hits ALL players in the room. During the fight you have 3 concerns: -Sergeant Steelwill's magic medium risk -General Graardor's Ranged attack high risk -Sergeant Grimspike Ranged attack Medium risk The melee attacks of Graardor and Strongstack are no risk because you have Protect from Melee on.

Once Graardor is dead you can kill the minions one, by one, use prayer to reduce the damage you take and use Guthans to heal if you have it. It is possible to Pray flick all of the minions but this takes a high level off skill and much practice, I do not recommend trying this unless you are very experienced at PVM.

Either try to tank as described above or Start running a few steps away and he may switch, then start hitting again. If he hits you hard, EAT! Alternatively, Be careful: you will take damage from his ranged attacks.

As for the minions; Your hitpoints should always be above 70, otherwise you're in danger of being one-hit by a combo.Please note that while Commander Zilyana has an equal amount of resistance to all attacks, Magic is generally impractical here due to a lack of armour and unnecessary rune costs.

Commander Zilyanawhile not being the strongest of the generals having a max hit of 31should not be underestimated, as not only are her attacks extremely accurate, she attacks at a speed of 8 every 1. Therefore, it is not advised to tank her attacks you would need a very high slash defence in order to do this ; instead, simply run around and attack while drinking stamina potions to keep your run energy up.

The boss room is very large, so you can fulfill this method very quickly. Zilyana's melee attack is directed at the player she is targeting, while her magic attack will hit everyone in the room. She can only use either of these attacks when she is in melee distance with the player she is targeting.

General Graardor/Strategies

In a team setting, if Zilyana cannot attack her current target, she will change her aggression to a nearby attacker. Zilyana will "pause" in movement for a few seconds whenever she uses her magic attack, buying a ranger some time to either flee or fit in some extra attacks.

This, however, does not outright prevent Zilyana from attacking. Verac's set is generally the best option for melee users, as it circumvents Zilyana's very high Defence.

Otherwise, melee users should try to maximise their attack bonus in order to account for accuracy issues.

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In any event, it is still recommended for teams to consist of at least one ranger, as melee users cannot fight back when they are targeted. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Verac's helm. Torag's helm. Saradomin coif. Necklace of anguish.

osrs duo bandos

Amulet of fury. Amulet of glory. Ranging cape t. Ava's assembler. Ava's accumulator. Armadyl chestplate. Karil's leathertop. Black d'hide body. Karil's leatherskirt. Black d'hide chaps. Armadyl crossbow.

osrs duo bandos

Dragon crossbow. Rune crossbow.He is the only known living member of the Ourg race in Old School Runescape. He is found in Bandos' Stronghold, which requires a Strength level of 70 and a hammer to access. To enter his quarters, players must have killed 40 of Bandos' followers throughout the dungeon, with goblins being the easiest of the followers to kill.

Like other God Wars Dungeon bosses, Graardor roams around a rectangular room with his bodyguards until a player enters, attacking them on sight. He attacks primarily with melee, and his bodyguards use a different combat style each. Graardor may also use a ranged attack where he slams the ground. If all players leave, his health and stats will be reset. General Graardor. Commander Zilyana. K'ril Tsutsaroth.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. All information on mechanics and strategy will be on this page. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. This article has a strategy guide here. Rune 2h sword. Rune longsword. Rune platebody.

Bandos chestplate. Bandos tassets. Adamantite ore.The boss that makes the least amount of money on this list is Bandos, or General Graador. This boss is in the God Wars Dungeon and can earn you up to 1 million Runescape gold per hour if soloed effectively. You should be picking up all the drops that are dropped by Graador to make the most money possible. If, however, you are very lucky you can profit up to million gold per hour if you manage to get a Bandos Chestplate or Bandos Tassets drop.

If you would like to view a in depth Bandos solo guide, look at the video linked below. It will walk you through your average kill and what gear and stats you must have. This boss also makes approximately one million gold per hour but is much easier to kill than General Graador.

There are, however, some downsides to killing Venenatis. First off, she is located deep within the wilderness giving you the chance to be player killed easily. All the profit comes from her regular drops. This boss is great for lower level players. If you would like to view a in depth Venenatis guide, look at the video linked below. It will walk you through your average kill and what gear and stats you must have to effectively kill Venenatis.

The next boss we are going to be talking about is the Giant Mole. The Giant Mole also makes around 1 million Runescape gold per hour but is the easiest boss so far.

As a lower level you can easily solo the mole with medium tier armour and weapon. As a high level, you can employ tactics such as Dharok bombing the giant mole to get incredibly fast kills.

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The Giant Mole is located under the Falador garden and is easy to get to from the nearest bank. This helps you get the maximum trips per hour that you can giving you the most gp per hour as well.

If you would like to view a in depth Giant Mole guide, take a look at the video linked below. This boss will net you a pretty consistent Commander Zilyana is a very hard boss that requires very high combat and gear to solo effectively.

Another option that can be used is putting together a team of people to speed up kills. This method wont net as much money but will make the fights a lot easier to complete. If you would like to view a in depth Commander Zilyana guide, look at the video linked below. It will walk you through your average kill and what gear and stats you must have to effectively kill Zilyana.Note that Melee is the most straightforward combat style to use since it suffers no penalties from tank armour.

Ranged setups can also deal significant damage, but are less feasible for tanks. On top of trading blows with General Graardor, a solo player will also be under constant attack by his bodyguards, who normally switch targets when there is more than one player in the room.

As such, a successful solo strategy involves withstanding a high amount of damage while also maintaining a good offence. Getting multiple solo kills in one trip is difficult without a very high Combat level. Along with using Protect from Meleesolo players need a high level of Ranged Defence in their armour setup. Using Saradomin brews in this instance can be counterproductive, as the process of restoring one's stats will give the boss more time to damage the player.

Instead, only a small amount should be brought to solo trips for the purpose of healing between kills. A team of at least three people including a tank i. Team members can exchange supplies by either dropping them or trading whenever the room is cleared. Having one player bring runes to cast High Level Alchemy on the many rune items General Graardor drops can help to preserve inventory space.

Only ever attack General Graardor once the tank has attacked; otherwise, Graardor will focus on you. Extra care should be taken by players using Rangedas it is easier to attack the boss first by accident.

Once Graardor is dead, kill the minions, beginning with Sergeant Steelwill. Stand against the western wall while waiting for General Graardor to respawn, as this gives the tank more time to draw his attention.

Ideally, melee attackers should use Karil's leathertopa black dragonhide bodyor Void Knight equipment instead of regular melee armour in order to mitigate the magic minion's attacks. As a tankyou are required to draw General Graardor's attention before he can reach any other players in the room. To do this, as soon as he spawns, activate Protect from Melee and engage with haste.

Stand in the centre of the room while waiting for General Graardor to respawn, and be ready to draw his attention again. Sign In Don't have an account?

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