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Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. Hi, what is your results on overclocking for this card? Is this a normal boost clock? Attached Image s. EGC Admin. Re: XC overclocking?

Pics please? Cool GTX. HK Matticus. I'm usually around mhz or mhz and sub 70c temps.We received an early build of this software, called Firestorm, prior to the Turing family launch.

Despite the newer status of version v. However, it yielded anywhere between a 4 to 30 MHz overclock from our sample, depending on the run. Current page: Overclocking. Home Reviews. See all comments 5. Nevermind that it's essentially the same performance as a card that costs hundreds less Hey John Nemesh, when your whole life flashes before your eyes, how much of it do you want to spend trolling every Tom's Hardware article with "Just buy it"?

Not everyone shares the same opinion as Avram Piltch; you don't have to be a sheep and spread the toxicity.

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After reviewing these benchmarks I feel good knowing I made the right decision. Lol ' prices change rapidly '. No, no they don't, not for consumers buying thru normal channels, including online. Wish they didn't spread misinformation like that, smh. Price did change rapidly for Tis. Keep the ''Lol'' to yourself because pretty sure it's not possible for you to follow stores from different countries to check availability of some of these AIB cards.

How to overclock the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti

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View More. Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries. Unread PMs. Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. Also please state your model and cooling. Thank you! Superclocked Member. That translates to averages around with occasional peaks of or Once I'm done verifying that and running some more benchmarks, I'm going to undervolt and see what I can hit at mV or the next step down ?

Cigs reddit. FTW3 with a HydroCopper block. Core clock stabilizes at mhz. Temps get to around 47C after a few hours of BFV.

Zephaniah Ching. FTW Member. FTW3 on water.

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SSC Member. Bench at mhz core and mhz memory for 3DMark. Max core is for like 2 seconds than gradually reduces to mhz where it stays solid. I was expecting better temps. Have it in a Thermaltake View case so theres plenty of airflow. Ambient temps arent the best but i was hoping for based on what i've read. The hybrid coolers for the ftw3 cant come quick enough. Voltage and power temp slider set to max.One-click overclocking has been around for a while, but this time Nvidia has built a framework for doing it rather than letting board partners create their own algorithms, which the chip maker says is better tuned for their GPUs, more accurate, and more reliable.

Had a few crash issues with the early version of Precision X1 which we assume will get fixed, whereas Afterburner seemed to work every time. Simply click on the bar graph icon, then click OC Scanner, and then in that window hit 'Scan'. Now you can sit back and wait a while because the one-click overclock process takes around 15 to 20 minutes. What the Scanner is doing is basically running a bunch of clock speed tests at a range of voltages to find the exact voltage-frequency curve for your graphics card.

It has its own test algorithm built-in to stress the GPU with the ability to recover from any hangs or crashes if the GPU is being pushed a bit too hard. Nvidia says the Scanner only modifies the core clock, so if you change the power and temperature limits before hand, the Scanner might find different and potentially higher core clocks.

Core overclocking is much more important for getting performance gains, but a boost to memory can help out in some situations. No big deal. In other words, Nvidia does not expose proper voltage controls to the user like you might get with overclocking a CPU on a motherboard.

And that comes at the expense of lifespan: Nvidia claims you should get 5 years out of stock voltage and just 1 year with the voltage limit raised slightly, so keep that in mind.

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Plus, of course, with manual overclocking we increased the memory frequency as well. This indicates manual overclocking remains the way to go for many, and you can see that is the case when looking at our Shadow of the Tomb Raider results next If you enjoy our content, please consider subscribing User Comments: 8 Got something to say?

Post a comment. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Already have an account?These overclocking articles will also serve as a basis for our comparison to retail cards as we strap them to the test bench over the next few months.

Overclocking video cards can sometimes be more of an art than a science as there are a number of ways to go about finding the best combination for performance as well as different ways to evaluate the stability of an overclock.

rtx 2080 overclock

To complicate matters further, the final overclocked speed is not what we dial in as our settings but rather what the card will boost to based upon actual gameplay, available power, and thermals. We will then do trial and error to see what, if any, additional performance we can get from adding additional voltage to the GPU. Once we find these individual values, we work on increasing them in tandem until we find the best performing combination between the GPU overclock and memory overclock.

An overclock can be considered stable when multiple hours of several different games can be played on it without it crashing.

rtx 2080 overclock

David is a computer hardware enthusiast that has been tinkering with computer hardware for the past 25 years. More by David Schroth. I considered delaying new games for a few years so the cost of GPU upgrades would be lessened to get max iq. But it wont help that much with a slower advance in GPU performance, the very fastest current card will still be needed to get the best from many older games.

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I hope NVidia have something up their sleeve that will leave the crickets in my wallet something to feed on!

Log in to Reply AntiQuark said. AntiQuark said. But I think Chiplets will run into the traditional road block though: power.

The problem with what I just said above is the parallelism of the processing.

2080 XC overclocking?

It seems like it would almost need PCIE 4. Problem with AMD is driver quality. The 2nd bad experience caused me to sell my x prematurely and go NVidia. It was plain sailing from then on, a real relief. As things are I am warned off AMD as they still dont have a handle on it.

I think it will be a little easier to cool chiplets because they can be grouped further apart preventing the cooler from saturating as easily within a single cooling area. In my case its worth pointing out the cards were new and the problems continued for the period of time I owned them at least 1. I stayed with Windows 7 for most of my gaming to avoid issues with Windows Theres no point running the gauntlet when I dont have to.Forum World Records.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Real-time ray tracing holds remarkable promise for both enthusiasts and developers alike. Being able to render accurate reflections and refractions is a subtle yet crucial piece of the puzzle that brings us closer to the benchmark of photorealism.

Knowing that we're primed for future games is certainly reassuring, but with all these new features it can be easy to lose sight of the RTX 's incredible raster performance, which safely leaves the GTX in the dust. The timing of this release couldn't be more pertinent, as the next wave of monitors and VR headsets promise higher resolutions and refresh rates, demanding faster GPUs to deliver fluid gameplay. While Turing delivers a sizeable performance boost, enthusiasts that stay on the bleeding-edge of display tech will want to know how to squeeze every ounce of performance from the architecture.

In this guide, we walk you through the process with the ROG Strix Overclocking expectations and tips. Further reading. Thank you for the guide. Some reviews messed around Watts. I would like to overclock but electricity costs and performance increase should go more or less hand in hand. I just noticed that this guide is a forum post And had a new thread created in the overclocking section. Anyhow, my issues below: I'm curious what are the better practices of stability testing this thing.

Is this stable and I can leave it there? Originally Posted by SofMaz. Originally Posted by Eclipt. If the test isn't crashing then you're most likely stable. The pass rate gets lower as the sustained Boost Clock is reduced.

In this instance it will be due to temperature. You can settle for this, or experiment with the fan curve in order to reduce temperature. Time Spy Extreme is quite taxing, so it's probable that you will see a higher sustained frequency in games.

The problem is that in the 3D Mark stress test report, the temperature of the card does not go over 77C. Just wanted to add a quick. As stated pretty much everywhere power limits are the deciding factors with these high current and HOT cards. The heat sink does a good job at removing the heat but they also cover 3 slots. I normally OC cards using GPU tweak with the first steps being sliding voltage and power to max then go to adjusting after.

This actually has an adverse effect with the power limit on these and you wont be able to get as good of an OC.

OC Scanner Overclocks MSI RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio To The Max At 70C

So my advice FWIW is to max out power limit slider then increase core until it becomes unstable then move the voltage up a little at a time. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.Join us now!

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What are you guys getting?

rtx 2080 overclock

Kinda just trying to figure out an average. New Member. Overclocking is so unfair so nothing to compare really! Not getting hot, seems to just be silicon lottery wasn't in my favor this time Was really hoping for at least 2.

rtx 2080 overclock

I can't even get mem. I do mem, core. But every card is going to vary to be honest, I hit mhz with just on the core when it runs stable that is. Temps are NOT limiting me. It's just simply my memory that refuses to hit or even which kind of sucks.

But i think i did expect more haha. FTW Member. I tweaked around with my numbers significantly and found that there is, at least on my card, a sweet spot where your clocks go high and stay more steady. I spent a week tweaking things, including lowering my CPU overclock just a smidge. Doing that helped prevent some of the crashes I was seeing at higher gpu clocks. Like I said this may be my card specifically but it's something to look at when trying to get both stable and higher clocks.

Also are your GPU temps hitting the limit under load?


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Rtx 2080 overclock
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